Come gli uccelli – La rue à kinshasa

2011-2012 | Democratic Republic of Congo
Directed, shooted and edited by Adriano Foraggio

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Around 25000 children live on the streets hoping to get out of their state of extreme poverty. There are also numerous of age, “adults” who share the same non-place which they inhabit. In the exclusion zone they experiment and adopt different forms of defence and multiple instruments of redemption, of self organisation, of relationships, of communal balance. The cildren and youngsters who live on the street offer active contributions to their society, reacting to the diverse local effects of the social-anthropological, economic and political reality. The art of survival, told by young people raised on the street, by the memories and point of view of the elderly, and by the music, an expression of the same plurality of looking at thing.